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Leadership Passion Results

Thank You for being part of the process. In an uncertain world and one on the precipice of change, we need leadership in our ward. Tiffini has years of experience on several non-profit boards, as a campaign leader and manager, and has lobbied at the state capitol for issues central to the equity and equality of our citizens. She has heard your story and wants to bring your voice to her chair at the city council


15 NOW

Tiffini is committed to 15Now, a crucial referendum requiring employers to pay employees living wages. We cannot have our children start their lives with zero chance of success, where they worry about today’s meal over studying for tomorrow’s school. By paying workers a minimum of fifteen dollars an hour, we insure our children will have an equitable chance of success



Minneapolis is central to one of the most vibrant, diverse communities in the world. Intersectionality is about listening to every voice in Ward 6 no matter what ethnicity, culture, or gender to find solutions that benefit all


Law Enforcement

We must move forward in the way our streets are policed. Distrust is at an all-time high between residents and those sent to protect us. Your voice matters as we rebuild a city to become a place where our children can play together in peace, where people of all races, religions, and genders can gather together, unafraid


Ward 6

Ward 6 needs stronger representation in the city council. We need vision, and we need, above all, leadership, someone who is active in our community, making connections. I have been there for you in the past, representing you. Today I need your support. Please join our movement by donating and/or becoming a volunteer. You can be part of the change to come 


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